About Me

I love music (Crossfade, Pop Evil, Boom The Wheel, 10 Years, Hinder, SafetySuit, Small Town Sleeper, Thriving Ivory, Lovers and Liars, Hawthorne Heights, School Boy Humor, Steven Foxbury, Ryan Star, and Candlebox, .) I also love photography and writing, so I figured why not start a blog where I can write about my favorite musicians and show off my photography.

My dream is to become an author and a professional photographer

 My family calls me a miracle baby. During the ultrasound the doctors found a hole in my heart, they told my mother to not expect me to live.  She refused to believe that I wasn't going to live. She and the rest of my family had faith in God that I would make it.  At the next ultrasound the hole was gone. Doctors told my mom that she had pulled off a miracle; to which she replied that Jesus was the one who pulled off the miracle not her.

My mom's water broke at 21 weeks, but God allowed me to not be born for another 11 weeks.  The strings from the bag that had once held the water got wrapped around two of the fingers on my right hand and cut the circulation off.  Which caused me to lose those fingers.  I also have a very mild case of Cerebral Palsy, and am in a wheelchair.  I don't let any of this stop me from living the life I was given.  I don't think of myself as any different than anyone else.  I see being in a wheelchair as a blessing, cause at least I am alive.

 I know God saved me for a reason and I can't wait to see where he leads me in life.

Oh and I have the smartest, most beautiful niece in the entire world, her name is McKynley Ann Rilynn

McKynley and her Daddy the day she was born

The nurse "decorated" her before we left the hospital

Four days old:

One year old:

Two years old:

Three years old: