Monday, December 12, 2016

The (Phone) Who Died...Wolf

I'm not even gonna talk about how before December started I had fully intended to partake in Blogmas.

Eventually I am going to start really giving my blog the love and attention that it both needs and deserves. (I hope.)

Friday, I decided to take out the trash...cause as an adult that is something you need to and should do; frequently.

So I'm all..."look at me, going outside...taking out the trash.  I'm such an adult and whatever."  When all of sudden


My precious iPhone 6 Plus had brutally found it's way to the pavement beneath me.

In sheer terror I pick up the phone from it's very hard fall.  I quickly notice the chunks missing out of the left hand side of my beloved plus sized phone...

Then, the scrapes and cracks that had also appeared on the glass screen; the glass screen that only moments before had been perfectly  Now it was almost unrecognizable.  As I pressed the home button I saw a rainbow of fuzzy colors dance across both Johnny Stevens' (of Highly Suspect) and my face.   Where before the rainbow had arrived, we were just laughing and having a great time.

My poor phone seems to be much sicker than just a ruined screen unfortunately.

All of this would be much easier for me to handle if only I would have never set my phone to require a password before it will let itself unlock, which I did for the first time ever a few months ago during the summer, because I had started babysitting Doodlebug for the summer, like I do every year.

Only this year she had become even more obsessed with playing on phones and she had started answering my phone without my permission; if she heard it ringing while I was in another room....she would then bring the phone to me, whereever I was and say: "Here LaLa...It's (insert name here)"

Which yes, is sort of sweet of a way. However also very annoying in cases when she had already answered the phone but personally I was not ready to talk to (insert name here) yet or at all.  I guess Doodlebug doesn't know that sometimes people don't answer the phone for a reason.  In her mind if the phone rings it has to be answered.

That being said, iCloud failed to back up anything that wasn't my contacts list or a digital copy of Highly Suspect's new record The Boy Died Wolf  which is a fantastic album so I was happy to see it in my Cloud...but I have that album in so many different forms that I wouldn't have lost it even if I had lost it, you know?

My THOUSANDS of photos and videos that can never be replaced or taken again (most of which had yet to find their way on to Facebook and/or Youtube)...gone; all gone.

My laptop still recognizes my phone, so this made me very excited once I had discovered this news, because I knew all I had to do to get my photos and videos back was to do a manual iPhone sync using iTunes.  From there I would be able to pull the photos/videos off the phone and simply save all of them to my laptop.
YAY!!!  Problem solved.


 It would have been, but for the last few months there has/had been the afore mentioned password on my phone because of my sweet little Doodlebug.

If you have a passcode on your phone, then iTunes wants you to type it in on your phone's screen after you connect it to your laptop, and if you don't, it refuses to let you sync your device.

I can not use my phone to type in the code, because my phone's screen is too messed up to even recognize that you are trying to type the password in.

So close, yet so far.

Never again will I EVER put a password on any of my future phones after dealing with all of this shit!!!

So many photos and videos probably lost forever, just because of a stupid 4 number passcode.  Sad day you guys, sad day.


PS: This post title worked out pretty perfectly...seeing as that was the only record left in my iCloud.