Friday, September 25, 2015

Fall To June and The Revolutioners

Tonight will be loads of fun! I talked about it a few days ago in my last post,  but if you missed that one (well scroll down a bit and read that mess) if you are super lazy however, like me...I don't blame you; so I'll just tell ya again.

I'm going to Conway to see friends of mine (The Revolutioners) play with a really cool band called Fall To June.  This show is at a really awesome venue  TC's Midtown,  I love shooting when I'm at TC' a photographical sense of course.. Ha!

Is Photographical a word? According to Blogger's spell checker it isn't...but I like it and I feel like it should be.  I can spell and define it so in my book...totally a word.

TC's has great lighting and their stage is at the perfect level for me.  Unlike Juanita's where the stage is up so high I feel like I have to practically break my neck in order see anything and the photos of whatever artist I'm seeing when I'm there always seem to come out at weird and awkward, mostly unflattering angles.

They should totally fix that for people in wheelchairs, like me, and/or short people.   Don't really mean to call Juanita's out like that... love that place and they have always been super good to me, if it was possible for them to fix that one thing though. It would be perfect and make me so unbelievably happy.

 Anyways...random-ish rant over (this is Rockstars and Randomness...I'm allowed to get randomly off topic whenever I choose...otherwise it would just be called Rockstars and that would probably be weird.)

Can't wait to finally put my new Canon 5D Mark III into action tonight.  Plus I get to hang out with lots of really amazing people.

Fall To June "Bruised" 

Cool, just found this video that was actually taped at TC's Midtown sometime last year.

The Revolutioners "Razors and the World"

Probably my favorite song from The Revolutioners.

This was from their tour with Saving Abel  last December, at Kress Live in Biloxi, Mississippi.  I was supposed be at this show, but that didn't end up working out.  I was pretty bummed about that.  Seems like a really neat venue.


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