Thursday, March 5, 2015

Insert Creatively Witty Title Here ('Cause I Got Nothin')

Well, it's been a while; not that should come as a shock to any of you.  Haha! Not much has changed. I just haven't really felt like writing/nor have I had anything worth writing about. 

However  tomorrow night my favorites (The Revolutioners) are playing at a place called Stickyz.

I am way beyond super excited for this, seeing as it will be their first home show since they went on tour with Saving Abel this past December.  That's totally crazy; because I am used to seeing them play all the time (like, practically once a week) ...and sometimes even watching them play multiple shows throughout the day.

Plus, I'm just super excited because I haven't been to a show since the beginning of January when Saving Abel came and did an acoustic set. 

March seems to be shaping up nicely so far:

Tomorrow: The Revolutioners

March 13th: Saving Abel

March 31st: The Revolutioners, and Buckcherry