Thursday, January 8, 2015

Saving Abel Tonight!

Tonight I am going to see Saving Abel. This will be my second time.  I gotta say I'm pretty excited about it.  My favorites (The Revolutioners) just finished touring with them in December.  From what  I've heard they had fun...but, I personally am glad that my boys are back home.  I might have missed them; maybe...just, like, you know...a little bit. ;)

I've heard this show is gonna be acoustic.  So that should be interesting.

Oh and I realized yesterday after I posted that last blog update, I forgot to say that I hope you had a wonderful holiday/New Years and all that fun here it is now.  :)

I know I say this all the time (but I really do mean it this time) I am gonna start posting more often.  That should be much easier for me to do now that I finally have a new laptop. 

My last laptop is from when I graduated high school (2008) it runs so slow now that it is almost completely worthless.  I always planned to blog all the time and then I would remember...

''oh wait, your computer sucks, it takes like an hour and a half to do even the simplest little task; nevermind, the blog can wait then."

"Mississippi Moonshine" by Saving Abel:

"Like A Knife" by The Revolutioners:

Hope you guys have a fantastic day!


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