Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Use Me Til There's Nothing Left to Give

So you know my favorites that I always post about; The Revolutioners.  If you answered no to that, well then you obviously never pay any attention to me at all.  I'm constantly going on about how great they are.

Now they have a lyrics video for their song "All The Same"

See, I told you they were great.  You should go download their album "Crooks" it's on iTunes.  They also have an EP on there as well. You should get that too. That way, in December when you go see them while they are on tour with Saving Abel.  You'll know all their songs and you can sing along.  

Yeah...they are going on tour with Saving Freakin' Abel, isn't that exciting?!?!?!

Yes, yes it is!  I'm so proud of them, they totally deserve this.

Except I'm gonna miss them while they are gone, but that's ok,I'll just have to go on a road trip to see them on at least one of the tour stops.  There isn't one in Little Rock, which isn't fair...but whatever.


PS: ...and incase you live under a rock and don't know who Saving Abel is, let me help you out.


           "18 Days"

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