Monday, October 20, 2014

"...Man That Squirrel is Getting Close"

A few of my friends were sharing this post about ADD on their Facebook pages this morning, it's to help those who don't have it understand what their friends and family who do live with it are going through a little better.

As someone who has ADD (never been officially diagnosed, but trust me. I do.)  I'm sure if you've ever met me it's pretty obvious.) I can relate to everything in that post that I linked above.

After reading it earlier I was reminded of the song "A.D.D" by Loomis and the Lust.

(Official Music Video):

I love how they randomly show a clip of Bret Michaels in the video.

I saw Will Loomis a few years ago when he opened for Lovers and Liars, and Hawthorne Heights at Juanita's.  I like him.  He's a nice guy.


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