Monday, March 3, 2014

Shows, Tacos and New Songs

The Revolutioners have their first full-length album coming out on March 15th.  It's called "Crooks"

It's awesome; trust me...I know.  Cause they gave me the first copy ever on my birthday.  (February 20th) cause they are just super nice like that.

Starting today, they are releasing a new track each day until the album releases on the 15th.

The first song to be released is "Five" listen to it below:

Saturday they played a show in memory of Phil's friend, Todd Mills.  You know those ridiculously delicious Doritos  Locos  Tacos from Taco Bell? Yeah, Todd came up with the idea for those.  Brilliant.  I'm addicted to them.  Cool Ranch is my favorite.

Todd passed away this past Thanksgiving.

Well, this is getting kinda depressing. so let's make it happy again.  Here's a video I recorded from said show of The Revolutioners preforming "Pop Rocks"  It turned out really should watch it:

To prove to you that I really do love those tacos, here is a photo I took the day the Cool Ranch version was released, which was 360 days ago, according to my instagram; with this statement attached:

So yeah...I got one of these things today. It's pretty much the best taco ever! #doritoslocos.#taco #TacoBell #cool

Oh and here's a picture from my instagram of Phil from the show Saturday, cause like, why not?

I really want a Cool Ranch taco now...I've had 3 of them in the past like ...3 days; so I probably shouldn't.


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