Friday, March 7, 2014

"...She Says I'm Overrated"

Fifth track off of "Crooks" is "Pop Rocks"

This is probably one of The Revolutioners most popular songs.  It gets people's attention. I think a lot of people's attraction to the song is because they are thinking "Wow! He really just said that?!" Awesome!"

If you are wondering "Said What?"  

Well then give it a listen and you'll see what I mean:

I love "Pop Rocks " but to be honest I've heard it so much that I'm kind of over it now.

I'll let friends listen to this song sometimes to show them what the band is like and since I'm being quite I can really sit and focus on the song and this is what goes on in my head while it's playing:

"My God, this is so repetitive"

"Is the repetitiveness on their nerves too?" 

"Oh, they've started singing a long...that means they like it, right?"

No one has ever told me they hated it, they always say that it was awesome and
eventually end up wanting to come with me to see them play live.

I will always love "Pop Rocks" because it is the first song of theirs that I knew, but in my opinion they have so many other songs that are better at showcasing their true talents.


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