Wednesday, March 12, 2014

"...She Said I've Been Waitin' for So Long"

I felt too sick to write yesterday.  I feel a little better today, finally don't have fever; this better be gone by Saturday ("Crooks" album release at Juanita's) I never get sick, I don't like this...I turn into a big whiny baby.

Yesterday's song was "Skinny Little Bones" been listening to this one for a while, bought it off iTunes about a year ago.

Bet you can guess that I really like this one.  As I've said before I like everything they've done.   That is pretty much how I do with any band; either love everything they've released or hate it all...

Today's song is "Glitter King vs. the Rock 'N Roller"  This one is my favorite track off the album, I know I said "Razors and the World" was, but I'm talking about favorites as far as out of songs I didn't know previously.

It's a dirty little song, probably explains why I like it so much.


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