Tuesday, March 4, 2014

New Urban Decay and Revolutioners Song of the Day

So, remember yesterday I told you about The Revolutioners releasing a song off their new album everyday until the whole thing is released on March 15th? Yeah, well today they released "Lumen"

I'm pretty sure I remember them saying once that "Lumen" was inspired by the TV show Dexter.  I have recently started watching Dexter on Netflix and I totally see how this could have inspired "Lumen"

It's a great show, if you've never watched it...well, you should.  Phil told me sometime last year to start watching it, that I would really like it; he's right. I do.  I should have started watching it sooner.  I think I'm only on episode 8 right now.


I've been listening to "Lumen " for a long time now, I found it on their Reverbnation page, probably a year ago, but it's nice to finally get to hear the final cut of it.

Ok, now on to something that doesn't involve music at all.

Urban Decay (which if you know me at all, you know that is my favorite makeup brand ever)  is coming out with a new eyeshadow palette on March 18th.  UD is famous for all of their "Naked" palettes, which are, well, skintone-ish, neutral colors.  That is fine for some people.  What about the people like me...who like ridiculously bright, fun colors?

Well we are the people who this palette is for.  It's called the "Electric" palette.

Borrowed this picture from the lovely Kandee Johnson over at www.kandeej.com, I hope she doesn't mind.

I am totally excited about this palette.  I want it now!

Everyone who has been to my house and seen my makeup collection, knows that I have plenty of palettes and probably think that I don't need this one; but that is where they are wrong.  I definitely need it!

I'm gonna go watch Dexter now.  See you tomorrow for the next Revolutioners song of the day and whatever else I feel like talking (err writing) about.



  1. It's funny one of your advertisements is for elf. Should be for ud. I enjoy reading your post now that I won't be seeing you as much.

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