Monday, March 17, 2014

"Crooks" Album Release

So, I accidentally scheduled a few blog posts to publish themselves for the past few days, I also forgot to finish writing said blog posts before they went up on the site, so if you saw them...sorry about that. My bad.  Being sick has ruined me.  Finally getting better!

I also forgot to share the last three tracks off of "Crooks" with you, so here they are:

"Like A Knife"

This is another one of the tracks off of their EP that they re-recorded for "Crooks"

It's another favorite of mine.

The next track is "Friction" this is another one that I pretty much learned just from seeing them play live...I knew even then that I was really gonna like this one, I was really excited to finally get to hear the recorded version of it.

The closing track for the album is "Runaway"  this song was recorded acoustic.  It's a good one.  Another one of those that sort of show you a softer side of The Revolutioners.

I love this album; it's awesome from start to finish.  I'm really proud of them.  I know they worked really hard  on it.

Since I had been anticipating the release of this album for such a long time, it seemed like it took them forever to finish it, but now that it's finally here...I can honestly say that it was definitely worth the wait.

They had the album release show on Saturday, it was great.  They pretty much played all of "Crooks" and even added in a cover of The Beatles "Helter Skelter" they killed it (and I mean that in a good way!)

"Helter Skelter" by The Beatles:

After the show a few friends and I went to Denny's with a band that also played the show that night, they are called Siversa check them out.

If you know me, you probably know that pancakes are pretty much my favorite thing...ever! You guys, Denny's has these new peanut buttercup pancakes, they are amazing and I think I am probably gonna have to go have some more of them tonight, because...well they are really good and I didn't finish mine that night...well technically it was morning, seeing as it was like 4:00 A.M.

Oh and here is a picture I took at the show with my phone, thought it turned out pretty awesome.


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

"...She Said I've Been Waitin' for So Long"

I felt too sick to write yesterday.  I feel a little better today, finally don't have fever; this better be gone by Saturday ("Crooks" album release at Juanita's) I never get sick, I don't like this...I turn into a big whiny baby.

Yesterday's song was "Skinny Little Bones" been listening to this one for a while, bought it off iTunes about a year ago.

Bet you can guess that I really like this one.  As I've said before I like everything they've done.   That is pretty much how I do with any band; either love everything they've released or hate it all...

Today's song is "Glitter King vs. the Rock 'N Roller"  This one is my favorite track off the album, I know I said "Razors and the World" was, but I'm talking about favorites as far as out of songs I didn't know previously.

It's a dirty little song, probably explains why I like it so much.


Monday, March 10, 2014

'...If That Line Makes Me Break, Then Let Me Break"

Track 8 is "The Line"

This one is a really good one, I like it because it shows a softer more sensitive side of them.

Today is the first beautiful day in a long time and I can't even go out and enjoy it, because I feel really sick, don't even feel like moving to be honest, which explains why the post is up late.  I'm just gonna watch Netflix all day, and then catch up on the season premiere of Once Upon A Time from last night.

Hope you are having a better day than I am.


Sunday, March 9, 2014

"...Baby Nobody Likes You"

Seventh track off of 'Crooks" is "Feelin' So Good"

I like this one, it's, good.

I gotta get better at this whole daily blogging thing, I'm not used to it.  I'm running out of things to say, I should say more about this song other than it's good, but I got nothing.  Going through a bit of writer's block I guess. Hoping that goes away soon.


Saturday, March 8, 2014

We Try to Tell Ourselves to Be the Things We Should...but It's Hard Enough Being Me"

Today's song "Razors and the World" is most definitely one of my all time favorite Revolutioners tracks.  I  love the lyrics.  It's a song I could listen to over and over again and never get tired of.

I myself however am very tired.  Stayed up a little later than I should have last night, so I'm gonna try to take a nap, sleep hasn't really been my friend much in the past few years.   There was one point in my life about  two years ago, where I didn't sleep for 10 whole nights/days straight. (yeah, I'm serious.)  It was awful!


Friday, March 7, 2014

"...She Says I'm Overrated"

Fifth track off of "Crooks" is "Pop Rocks"

This is probably one of The Revolutioners most popular songs.  It gets people's attention. I think a lot of people's attraction to the song is because they are thinking "Wow! He really just said that?!" Awesome!"

If you are wondering "Said What?"  

Well then give it a listen and you'll see what I mean:

I love "Pop Rocks " but to be honest I've heard it so much that I'm kind of over it now.

I'll let friends listen to this song sometimes to show them what the band is like and since I'm being quite I can really sit and focus on the song and this is what goes on in my head while it's playing:

"My God, this is so repetitive"

"Is the repetitiveness on their nerves too?" 

"Oh, they've started singing a long...that means they like it, right?"

No one has ever told me they hated it, they always say that it was awesome and
eventually end up wanting to come with me to see them play live.

I will always love "Pop Rocks" because it is the first song of theirs that I knew, but in my opinion they have so many other songs that are better at showcasing their true talents.


Thursday, March 6, 2014

You're A long Way from Home Apollo

Today's track from The Revolutioners is "Apollo"

This is easily one of my favorites. Although I love all 13 of them..."Apollo" is in my top 4 as far as favorites goes.

Listen to it, you know you want to:

See, told you.  It's really good isn't it?

I don't even really have words to describe how much I love this song.  His voice just sounds so good on this track (well, it always sounds good...but you know. Whatever.)

On an unrelated note, I saw this picture on Facebook and thought it was I figured I'd share

This is apparently an actual sign in Pine Bluff:

Well, if that doesn't get rid of the criminals...I don't know what will.


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

It's All The Same My Friend; It's All The Same in the End

The third track off of "Crooks" is entitled "All The Same"

I've pretty much been to every show The Revolutioners have ever played (excluding that time they played in Conway and then whenever they play in Fayetteville/Fort Smith or Shreveport...but I mean I can't be everywhere, geez, just let it go, I try my best to be at all of them.)

Since I've seen them so many times, even when they play material that hasn't been released yet, I eventually pick up on most of the words at some point; which is what happened with "All The Same"

I picked up on the chorus pretty quickly.  I like it, it's a good little song.  Take a listen:

"All The Same"

I don't really know what else to I guess I'll end it here.  Hope you all have a great day and I'll be back tomorrow for the next track.  It's a really good one, you'll like it.  If you don't, well you pretty much have horrible taste in music.


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

New Urban Decay and Revolutioners Song of the Day

So, remember yesterday I told you about The Revolutioners releasing a song off their new album everyday until the whole thing is released on March 15th? Yeah, well today they released "Lumen"

I'm pretty sure I remember them saying once that "Lumen" was inspired by the TV show Dexter.  I have recently started watching Dexter on Netflix and I totally see how this could have inspired "Lumen"

It's a great show, if you've never watched it...well, you should.  Phil told me sometime last year to start watching it, that I would really like it; he's right. I do.  I should have started watching it sooner.  I think I'm only on episode 8 right now.


I've been listening to "Lumen " for a long time now, I found it on their Reverbnation page, probably a year ago, but it's nice to finally get to hear the final cut of it.

Ok, now on to something that doesn't involve music at all.

Urban Decay (which if you know me at all, you know that is my favorite makeup brand ever)  is coming out with a new eyeshadow palette on March 18th.  UD is famous for all of their "Naked" palettes, which are, well, skintone-ish, neutral colors.  That is fine for some people.  What about the people like me...who like ridiculously bright, fun colors?

Well we are the people who this palette is for.  It's called the "Electric" palette.

Borrowed this picture from the lovely Kandee Johnson over at, I hope she doesn't mind.

I am totally excited about this palette.  I want it now!

Everyone who has been to my house and seen my makeup collection, knows that I have plenty of palettes and probably think that I don't need this one; but that is where they are wrong.  I definitely need it!

I'm gonna go watch Dexter now.  See you tomorrow for the next Revolutioners song of the day and whatever else I feel like talking (err writing) about.


Monday, March 3, 2014

Shows, Tacos and New Songs

The Revolutioners have their first full-length album coming out on March 15th.  It's called "Crooks"

It's awesome; trust me...I know.  Cause they gave me the first copy ever on my birthday.  (February 20th) cause they are just super nice like that.

Starting today, they are releasing a new track each day until the album releases on the 15th.

The first song to be released is "Five" listen to it below:

Saturday they played a show in memory of Phil's friend, Todd Mills.  You know those ridiculously delicious Doritos  Locos  Tacos from Taco Bell? Yeah, Todd came up with the idea for those.  Brilliant.  I'm addicted to them.  Cool Ranch is my favorite.

Todd passed away this past Thanksgiving.

Well, this is getting kinda depressing. so let's make it happy again.  Here's a video I recorded from said show of The Revolutioners preforming "Pop Rocks"  It turned out really should watch it:

To prove to you that I really do love those tacos, here is a photo I took the day the Cool Ranch version was released, which was 360 days ago, according to my instagram; with this statement attached:

So yeah...I got one of these things today. It's pretty much the best taco ever! #doritoslocos.#taco #TacoBell #cool

Oh and here's a picture from my instagram of Phil from the show Saturday, cause like, why not?

I really want a Cool Ranch taco now...I've had 3 of them in the past like ...3 days; so I probably shouldn't.