Saturday, February 8, 2014

I'm Done with All Your Bitchcraft

Recently Drake Bell (yes, that one) released a new song. 

"Bitchcraft"   I'm really liking it. I'm a big Drake Bell fan; have been since The Amanda Show days. Glad his music is starting to ease over to more of an adult side.  I am also very proud of him for being one of the few child stars not to go bat shit crazy.

I saw Drake play in Little Rock (in 2012...I think) he was amazing.  Mixed in a lot of Beatles and Billy Joel into his set.  Two of my favorites.  Bell is really a  talented man.  Great diver too.  He was on a show called 'Splash" where celebrities were trained to dive like professionals and were judged and scored each week.  He didn't win, but he came pretty close.

Anyway, here's "Bitchcraft" (Official lyric video):

I would love to see him again, hopefully he'll get back to Little Rock soon.

If you wanna see photos from when I saw him click here to be taken to my photography page.  If you want feel free to give it a "like" while you are there.

"Bitchcraft" is available on iTunes now!


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