Friday, February 7, 2014

Hey Bluebird On My Shoulder (Err Wrist) Can You Carry Me Over?

January 23rd I got my first tattoo; a bluebird on my wrist.  Done by Matt O'Baugh over at Black Cobra Tattoos. Matt did a really amazing job! I love it! (Click his name in the link above to see more of his work.)

Photos from my instagram: @laurenmikael

I've wanted this since I was 14.  So happy to finally have it now.  I put off getting it for a long time because I was afraid of how bad it would hurt.  Turns out it didn't hurt at all.  I actually liked the way it felt. 

I've always heard that tattoos are addictive and I totally understand now.  I already want another one.  I have an idea of the next one I want.  Hopefully I can go back to Matt and get it done next month.

If you want to know why I got a bluebird read this

Another reason I got it is because of the song "Bluebird" by Cassie Steele (you may know her as the girl who plays Manny Santos on the TV show Degrassi: The Next Generation) I've always really liked this song.  Later I found out Bluebird is a code name for depressent drugs, such as Valium...which I take (prescribed of course.)

"Bluebird" by Cassie Steele:

Title of this post comes from this song.

It's kinda funny to me how bluebird has always followed me around in some way.


PS: If you like Cassie Steele, you can find her music on iTunes.

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