Sunday, February 23, 2014

Second That Emotion

Last night I recorded Phil of The Revolutioners singing "Second That Emotion" by Smokey Robinson at karaoke.
My phone didn't catch the first line of the song; but other than that it is a really good video.


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

She Loves Rock 'N Roll, They Say it's Satan's Tongue

Gong to karaoke a lot lately has recently reminded me of a song I used to listen to when I was younger.  "Big Star" by Kenny Chesney. 
(Oficial Music Video):

I'm not really a fan of Country anymore.  I don't like today's Country music; it's either too twangy or too pop-ish   I prefer stuff from the 90's and early 2000's.
Tought I'd share a few of my favorites with you.  I love Shania Twain, so basically any song by her
"Man! I Feel Like A Woman" (Official Music Video)
"That Don't Impress Me Much"
I also really like The Dixie Chicks
"Traveling Soldier"
I sang "Traveling Solider" at karaoke the other night (I'm sure it was horrible) I wish I could sing, but I can't.  I a lot of people in my family can sing.  I'm really jealous
My Uncle has a Doctorate in Music, he taught the lead singer of The Dixie Chicks,  Natalie Maines
"Not Ready To Make Nice" (Official Music Video)
"Goodbye Earl" (Official Music Video)
I like Trisha Yearwood too.
"She's In Love With The Boy" (Official Music Video)
"How Do I Live"
"Wild One" (Official Music Video)
Title of this post comes from "Wild One" by Trisha Yearwood.  I figured it would be a very fitting title...cause well, do I really need to explain; I mean come on...

Monday, February 17, 2014

Uptown Girl

I've become a pretty big Billy Joel fan, thanks to Drake Bell

Phil from The Revolutioners covered Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl" the other night when he was DJ-ing karaoke.  I always like karaoke nights, because I get to hear Phil's take on songs other than his own.

I didn't catch the beginning of the song, but I got most of it.


Saturday, February 8, 2014

I'm Done with All Your Bitchcraft

Recently Drake Bell (yes, that one) released a new song. 

"Bitchcraft"   I'm really liking it. I'm a big Drake Bell fan; have been since The Amanda Show days. Glad his music is starting to ease over to more of an adult side.  I am also very proud of him for being one of the few child stars not to go bat shit crazy.

I saw Drake play in Little Rock (in 2012...I think) he was amazing.  Mixed in a lot of Beatles and Billy Joel into his set.  Two of my favorites.  Bell is really a  talented man.  Great diver too.  He was on a show called 'Splash" where celebrities were trained to dive like professionals and were judged and scored each week.  He didn't win, but he came pretty close.

Anyway, here's "Bitchcraft" (Official lyric video):

I would love to see him again, hopefully he'll get back to Little Rock soon.

If you wanna see photos from when I saw him click here to be taken to my photography page.  If you want feel free to give it a "like" while you are there.

"Bitchcraft" is available on iTunes now!


Friday, February 7, 2014

Hey Bluebird On My Shoulder (Err Wrist) Can You Carry Me Over?

January 23rd I got my first tattoo; a bluebird on my wrist.  Done by Matt O'Baugh over at Black Cobra Tattoos. Matt did a really amazing job! I love it! (Click his name in the link above to see more of his work.)

Photos from my instagram: @laurenmikael

I've wanted this since I was 14.  So happy to finally have it now.  I put off getting it for a long time because I was afraid of how bad it would hurt.  Turns out it didn't hurt at all.  I actually liked the way it felt. 

I've always heard that tattoos are addictive and I totally understand now.  I already want another one.  I have an idea of the next one I want.  Hopefully I can go back to Matt and get it done next month.

If you want to know why I got a bluebird read this

Another reason I got it is because of the song "Bluebird" by Cassie Steele (you may know her as the girl who plays Manny Santos on the TV show Degrassi: The Next Generation) I've always really liked this song.  Later I found out Bluebird is a code name for depressent drugs, such as Valium...which I take (prescribed of course.)

"Bluebird" by Cassie Steele:

Title of this post comes from this song.

It's kinda funny to me how bluebird has always followed me around in some way.


PS: If you like Cassie Steele, you can find her music on iTunes.