Thursday, December 5, 2013

I'm Not "On Your Side" With This One...

December 3rd SafetySuit released a new single "On Your Side" I was totally looking forward to this, cause most of you probably know already I love SafetySuit, been there for them since pretty much the beginning.  Back in the day (2009-ish) I was sorta addicted to Twitter and it was their fault...if you go to my account I have almost 12,000 tweets.  Most of those tweets were about them or promoting in some way.  Used to love Twitter because each member had their own personal account and it was easy to talk to them whenever you felt like.  They've since deleted those personal accounts and now only share one as a band.  Which is honestly slightly my fault...I'm sure, but let's not get into that...I don't wanna talk about it.

Anyway....I don't know how to feel about this new single.  Honestly I don't think I like it.  Kinda hurts me to say that, since I've always been one of their biggest fans.  I don't like to lie though, so I'm not gonna sit here and talk something up if it's not really the way I feel.  It pretty much sucks in my opinion.

Give it a listen, see what you think:

I feel like it's a little over done and they tried too hard.  I'm not into techno/electronica type stuff.  I miss the old SafetySuit, you know circa 2008; How they sounded on the "Life Left To Go" album. Simple and sweet.  
Now it's like their trying to be Skrillex or something.  

This doesn't mean I don't like them anymore...still gonna buy the album when it releases and see them if they ever come to Little Rock again...(It's been too long, just sayin'. I kinda miss them.)


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