Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Eve with The Revolutioners

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

For the first time ever I wasn't able to spend Thanksgiving with my family, but I spent it with some friends and their family.  I missed my family, but I'm glad I had somewhere to go.  I had a lot of fun.  It was nice seeing how other families spend the holiday and I got to meet a lot of new, awesome people.  The food was really, really really good!

I got to try a beer I hadn't ever had before:

All photos in this post are from my Instagram: @laurenmikael

First time having a darker beer, I liked it.

Spent Thanksgiving Eve with The Revolutioners, they played at Stickyz in Little Rock.  It was awesome, they were the headliners, love when they get to headline those shows are always the best.  Hadn't got to see them headline since about the end of June, I think.  Great way to start the holidays!

The one Phil turned out a little blurry, but I still like it...makes it seem 'artsy.' 
Great show, they played a lot of new stuff.  They are supposed to be releasing a new album soon.  Hopefully in the beginning of 2014.  From what I've heard during the live shows, the new album sounds like it's going to be amazing (obviously it will be, cause I mean come on, let's be real...everything they've ever released has been awesone.  I don't think it's possible for them to make bad music.
For those of you who may be lost and are all like "I've never heard their music."
Let's fix that!
"No Name Bitch"


"Like A Knife" (lyrics video)

They are on iTunes, I recommend you go get their music

I regret not taking my dSLR, I meant to, because Stickyz has a low stage and great lighting; pictures always turn out really well for me there; but I got distracted and forgot to charge bad! Next time they play there I'll bring for sure. 
Actually I haven't even used my camera since September when I saw David Cook.  Photographer of the year over here haha! I gotta stop being so lazy, that gets you nowhere in life.  Since eventually at some point I want to be able to make money off being a photographer.  Guess you kinda need to actually use your camera to make that happen huh? ;) I just hate carrying it around, then you gotta keep up with it and whatnot. 
Most venues these days **coughJuanita'scough** think they need to have the tallest stage in the history of the world...which is not good for people like me in wheelchairs.  Gotta practically break your neck to see anything.  The stage is almost over my head. 
I miss the good 'ole days at the original Juanita's, where the stage was right at my knees.   If the 'new' Juanita's had the old stage it would be perfect, I prefer the atmosphere of the new one over the original. 
I never really get the chance to get good shots of Lance (or any other drummer for that matter) at Juanita's, which is the main reason I wanted to have my camera with me at Stickyz.  I always feel like I'm leaving him (and other drummers) out, which makes me feel bad...because they are just as important as the other members, who I can easily photograph, seeing as they are in the front.
I feel like I have written this before, if I have and you have already heard ...errr read about my hatred for tall stages, Juanita's specifically...then I apologize.  I have a bad memory. Deal with it.

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