Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Everything is Wonderful Now

So,  I found a place to live.  Yay for not having to become a hobo! It's a cute little studio apartment.  I'm really excited about it.  It's gonna be fun getting to decorate my own place and what not.  Moving in on November 1st.  If I'm not around for a while, now you know why.

Meant to post that first little paragraph (and the rest of this post) in October, oops! Been busy moving and things are finally starting to calm down.

October 19th The Revolutioners  played the Arkansas State Fair...Twice in one day. Once at 4 and then again at 7, opening for freakin' Everclear. Happy for them, and so proud of them. They did amazing. Seriously, I've been to practically every show they've ever played, and the one they put on while opening for Everclear was the best I've seen them perform yet.

All photos from my instagram: @laurenmikael

4:00 show:



 Ben...and Phil:


Phil during their set before Everclear:

Unfortunatly I was only able to stay long enough for one Everclear song, and do not have any pictures of them during the show. My friend Leah and I did get the chance to meet them beforehand though:
 They are really nice guys.
Luckily the song I was able to stay for was one of the only ones I knew at the time "Father Of Mine"
Official Music Video:

Anyone else recognize the little boy as Beans from Even Stevens? Back in the good ole days when Disney Channel still played good shows.
The next night The Revolutioners played at Juanita's. It was awesome...I love the times when I get see them so often. 
On October 25th I went to a local Mexican resturant where Phil DJ's and runs karaoke (that's always fun...he does it pretty much every week.)  After karaoke we went to see 10 Years play.  I had no idea they were even in town until he mentioned it that night, I never miss 10 Years when they come here. It was really fun. I love days like that when awesome things happen that you never expected.
10 Years: (from my instagram)
I really like living on my own.  It's nice  to have something that is completely mine. Almost 24 and finally get to feel like a real grown up. To be honest I didn't really like my last living situation...let's just say there are some people you can only handle hanging out with on certain occasions and you shouldn't live with them full time.  Things are much better now...
Guess you could say everything is wonderful now :) haha...see what I did there? If not, and you are lost...let me help you out.
"Wonderful" by Everclear (Official Music Video):
I hope Everclear will come back soon and play a smaller venue, would love to see them again and stay for the whole performance. 
Oh and one more thing...this makes me really happy!

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