Friday, July 12, 2013

54-55/365: Pixies and Flowers

I realize my last post was a bit depressing; sorry about that.  It's hard for me to talk about my feelings, so writing has always been the way I've been able to let them out and let them go.

I've decided to start taking Lauren Mikael Photography more seriously and turn it into a real business.  I even ordered business cards the other day, which is something I should have done a long time ago.  I am always at shows and people will come up and ask me about my photos (where they can see them ect...) and I always tell them to find me on Facebook.  It is going to so much easier to hand them a card with all my information on it instead. 

As of yesterday 365 for 2013 is back on.  Taking a photo everyday makes me a better photographer and it also gives me something to look foward to each day.

Day 54:
I finally have a pixie cut again.  This time I had red put in my bangs.
Day 55:
Well, this is a dying flower.

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  1. Looking forward to your 365.

    And wishing you joy in your choice of photography as a profession.