Saturday, June 15, 2013

laurenmikael...Becoming YouTube?

I have decided I really do want to start making YouTube videos, I know in the past I have posted updates on here about how I was thinking about doing it, but I never actually did. 

Last night I started watching this YouTube series called Becoming YouTube, created by Benjamin Cook. He and all of the other people that are involved in this series with him have really inspired me to become a YouTuber. 

Everyone I have talked to about this lately has said something along these lines "Yeah, but what would you do or talk about in your videos?"

The answer to that...

I don't know, I don't know what I am going to say or do in the videos...but I would rather give it a try and find out; instead of saying what if about it.   I guess we will find out along the way.

Before I started this blog I was really unsure if people would even read it or if I was just wasting my time.  No, I am not that popular in the blogging world...but I do get a decent amount of hits (or...visits) each day, even when I sometimes haven't written a post in weeks. 

I used to be nervous that one of the artist that I write about would see a post of mine about them or their music and would be worried that I offended them or hurt their feelings in some way, but I have learned most of them are happy that I am talking about them and the music they create.  So now that I know that they like seeing what I have to say about them, instead of being afraid of what they say/think about what I write here,  it makes me really happy to know that some of them read my posts.

So, yes I am nervous about "actually" starting my YouTube channel, but as I was saying I was nervous about starting this blog at first, but it turned out really well for me. gets loads of views everyday from all over the world.  That's crazy to think about...that someone on the other side of the world reads what I have to say.  

Who knows I might really like making YouTube videos...It's no secret that I'm addicted to watching them. I'm always behind the camera, but I think it's time that I give being infront of it a try. 

Here is the Trailer to Benjamin Cook's series Becoming YouTube:


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