Saturday, May 4, 2013

Where Did My Happiness Go?

So yeah...I haven't forgotten about this here little blog, I've just been super lazy lately.  I really need to stop that, I haven't even taken any photos in over a month. I still need to finish editing the pictures I took from when I saw Hinder and post them here and on my photography page.  I got some really good shots that night.

Is it bad to say that I'm bored with life? God, that sounds so depressing.  It's true though.  I just feel like nothing is fun anymore; even when I am doing something that is really awesome.

 I think I just have really high expectations for everything and then things don't end up turning out the way I thought they would; I guess I need to start going into everything with really low expectations and then maybe everything will end up amazing me and I can get my happiness back.  I used to be a really happy person who found happiness in even the tiniest little things.  I don't know where that part of me went but I really want it back.


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