Wednesday, April 10, 2013


On April 2nd Lovers and Liars released their newest EP "Saboteur"

The first track "Permanent Scar" is my favorite of the 3.  It's been stuck in my head ever since the first time I heard it. Once I start playing it I always end up putting it on repeat. I'm pretty sure I could listen to this one all day and never get sick of it.

  "Such a beautiful sin, one hard to defend 

  how the hurt it gave was worth it in the end 

  out of my injuries so far, you're my favorite permanent scar" 

The second track "My Tomorrow" is really good.  I like the message of it.

  "I'll bear my own cross, just don't add your weight 

 today you will finally see 

 my tomorrow's not what it used to be" 

The last track "Let Me Let You Go"  I like this one more and more with each listen.  It just might end up being my favorite off the EP soon.

  "You picked me up when I was ready to fall 

  you showed me love when I was sick of it all 

  but you kept holding on, while I was letting go 

  I have this tendency to throw away what's good for me

  I've never felt so alive, than when you're next to me" 

You can listen to "Saboteur" in it's entirety using the widget below.  If you like what you hear then you can also use the widget to buy "Saboteur:" for $3.00 (or if you are nice and feel like they deserve more than $3.00 for their lovely music then you can give them whatever amount you want.) It is also available on iTunes.


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