Sunday, February 3, 2013


So I was on Spotify and decided to search for Se7en Sharp (I do that often just to see if they'll show up) and they never have...until today.  I was so excited! They also showed up on iTunes when I looked today.

...and their EP "EPic" has a track on Spotify/iTunes that is not on the physical copy that I got at one of their shows in obviously I had to buy it immediately. The song is called "You're Always Right."  I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about it.  I's really good; it's just different than the Phil I'm used to. It's really slow and fancy (kinda bluesy and jazzy in a way.)  I don't really know how else to describe it.  You'll just have to give it a listen. (You should listen to the other 8 songs while you're there too.)

Click the link below and a player will pop up where you can listen to the entire EP. Click the play button that is on the album cover and "You're Always Right" will start. (Ugh! Apparently you have to be signed into a Spotify account or it won't play.) Lame...what's the point in them letting you share on blogs and stuff if you have to be a member/signed in to listen? That's stupid. Not everyone has a Spotify account.

Se7en Sharp – You're Always Right

While I was on Spotify I saw this...

An Aranda ad!!! Ahh; yay...I'm still not used to them being "mainstream" or whatever, since they got signed to Wind-Up Records; so I was kinda shocked when I saw this ad pop up and got totally excited.  I've been an Aranda fan for years, back when I would mention them and everyone would go "What? Aranda. Who is that?" (except they would pronounce it Aronda and totally piss me off...I can't stand when people do that; even El Covino on Sirius XM Octane says it like that, makes me wanna punch him in the face every time.) 

Aranda is on tour with Daughtry and 3 Doors Down right now.  Crazy! So happy for them.  They just better not forget about me now that they are all big time and whatnot.  We go too far back for that mess. :)

Phil told me that one of his bands (either Se7en Sharp, or The Revolutioners) is going to be doing a show with Aranda next time they come back to Little Rock; which is actually how I found out about Phil in the first place.  Se7en Sharp played a show with them last March.  Not sure which of his bands is gonna be doing the show yet...but I'm excited and it's gonna be amazing, regardless of which one of his bands get to play.


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