Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Revolutioners and Rapscallions

We got some things to catch up on...

So I did end up getting to go see The Young Rapscallions with The Revolutioners.  Good times! I met Christopher Mintz-Plasse (you may know him as McLovin' from the movie Superbad.) He is a really awesome guy; super nice and a totally kick ass drummer. He is the drummer for The Young Rapscallions.  They're really good, I'm definitely going to see them again if I get the chance.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse

The Young Rapscallions and I

 Chris and I

The Revolutioners were amazing.  Obviously; I mean it's Phil Houston...In fact he recently won a Screamie award for Best Male Vocalist in Arkansas. So yeah, pretty sure when I say he's amazing I know what I'm talking about and apparently so does the rest of Arkansas. Yay Phil! 

 Oh and his band The Revolutioners won Arkansas' Best Album of the Year with their self-titled EP (which you should totally go buy from  iTunes...right now; seriously though...go buy it now.)

.They also won Arkansas' Song of the Year with their track "Lumen." 

Oh and um their guitarist Ben Richman also tied with Trevor Trent (of Jessica Seven) for Arkansas' Best Guitarist.  

Have I proved my point yet? ;)

You can listen to "Lumen" and other great songs by The Revolutioners here.

This was my first time to see Phil perform with/as The Revolutioners as I mentioned in my last post.  

Normally I see him with his other band Se7en Sharp (which happens to be equally as awesome.)

 So far it looks as if my February is going to be filled with both Se7en Sharp and The Revolutioners.  I'm totally excited about that.

Phil Houston:

I should probably catch you up on my 365...we'll do that in the next few days; hopefully.


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