Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Drink More 'Til You Hit the Floor

Hello...remember me? I haven't posted since November...oops!  "Worst blogger in the world" award goes to...laurenmikael of Rockstars and Randomness.

So..December was fun.  December 1st I saw Se7en Sharp for the first time since May. It was awesome. All the money raised from that show was given to St. Jude's Hospital. That was an interesting show for sure...let's just say that having a bit too much to drink, new boots that are a few sizes too big and concrete don't go well together...especially when you can't even walk when you are sober; you certainly shouldn't  try to when you are a bit too inebriated. The end result will leave you making out with the concrete parking lot outside of your apartment.

December 4th Brook and I saw Never Shout Never play at Juanita's with Boom The Wheel.

December 11th was my Daddy's 10 year anniversary of having a kidney transplant, so glad my uncle gave him a kidney.

On Christmas it snowed and a tree limb fell on my parents house; which ended up ripping the meter loop off of the house, so they didn't have electricity for a few days.  Dad ending up using me and pulled the wheelchair card...after he did that Entergy was at their house an hour later and had it fixed (my mom had been calling them for days and their response was always "We'll send someone to fix it as soon as we can") Gotta love how your family uses you for your disability.

My family from Argentina came to visit, it was really good to see them, hadn't seen them in years.

Then to finish off 2012 I went to see Se7en Sharp again...and this time I didn't fall on my face, so I'd say the year ended well.  Se7en Sharp put on a great show as they always do.

If you don't know who Se7en Sharp is I suggest you fix that now, cause they are pretty amazing.
here are some of my favorite tracks of theirs.

"Give Me A Chance" 


Oh and I've decided to do another 365 project (like I did in 2011) take a picture everyday for a year.

Day 1:

Phil Houston of Se7en Sharp.

Day 2:

I hope all of you had a great Christmas and New Years Eve/New Years.


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