Thursday, November 15, 2012

They Made Him Go to Rehab...

We finally have internet and cable  Got it yesterday. Can't believe I went two without it.  I wasn't really missing TV, cause I just watch everything through apps on my iPad these days, I watched two 30 minute shows (The Middle, and Suburgatory) and turned the TV off.

If it was up to me we wouldn't even have cable, since pretty much everything can be watched over the internet...

On Tuesday, November 13th, Green Day released ¡DOS! (The 2nd of 3 new albums) ¡UNO! was released in September and ¡TRÉ! will be released on December 11th.

I have a list of artist and/or bands I want to see live...first band on that list has always been Green Day...but I guess I'm gonna have to wait a little longer now since Billie Joe went to rehab and Green Day cancelled all of their tour dates for the rest of this year and 2013.

Someone had told me what happened at the iHeartRadio Festival (which is what lead Billie Joe to rehab) but I hadn't actually seen what happened until a few minutes ago.

Basically what happened is Green Day was preforming and Billie Joe was planning on playing some new material, but was told that the set had been cut short and he only had one minute left before they were going to let Usher preform.  Watch the video to see how it all went down...

(His "freak out" as everyone is calling it starts at the 3 minute mark...if you want to skip ahead.)

Personally I agree with Billie Joe on this one.  I mean they are fucking Green Day, they have been around a lot longer than Usher and I believe they deserve much more respect than that   If anyone's set was cut short it should have been Usher's, so that Green Day could have had more time. 


 1: They have a lot more hit songs than Usher does.

2: They are truly talented, and the shows they put on are about the music...not really cool  dance moves; oh sorry what I meant to type there was LAME.

3. From everything I've heard the only good part about this festival was the fact that Green Day was there, and that they are the ones who drew in an audience.

4. Notice how everyone was cheering as Billie Joe got mad? Everyone enjoyed it, because they were probably mad too.

I don't even see why he had to go to rehab over this...hello, he smashed a guitar on stage during a show...that's an iconic rockstar move right there, and so what if he cursed, he was mad...Green Day has explicit lyrics in a numerous amount of their songs. (and I mean come on...admit it, when you get mad most of you guys probably throw a few cuss words out there.)

As I was watching this video, the whole time I was thinking "Yeah, Billie Joe, tell them how you feel; get mad!" I was glad he did it. Cause it made me mad too.  

Since I haven't had internet I haven't had a chance to really give ¡DOS! a good listen...but I will tell you that ¡UNO! might just be my favorite album they have ever far anyway.

Oh and I'm really excited because I'm getting Green Day's entire collection (well, minus ¡DOS! and ¡TRÉ!) for Christmas.

...and yes the title of this post was inspired by "Rehab" by Amy Winehouse.  Here is the Official Music Video:

Now that I've written all of this I am seeing reports that say a statement was issued saying that Green Day apologized for what happened; and their set was never cut short, and they were given the amount of time they were suppose to have had all along.  I don't believe that though, because that was probably just the record label trying to cover themselves, labels and other companies and/or people seem to do that a lot.


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