Sunday, November 18, 2012

Doodlebug Comes To Visit

Doodlebug came to visit today.  Brook and I babysat her while her mommy was in a meeting.  This was her first time in our new place.  She loved it, I did too...because for the first time I got to feel like a real aunt.  What I mean by that is from day one I've lived with her and most aunts probably don't get that chance.  In a way I kinda felt like a second mother to her if you get what mean.  Now I get to see what it's like to have her come visit/stay the night in my own house.

At the same time I miss not being able to be with her all day everyday, since that's basically the way it has been for the last four years.  We had fun.  We watch Spongebob and then Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...while eating mixed berry (strawberry and blueberry) muffins.  Doodlebug help Brook make them; she decided it would be a good idea to put sprinkles in the batter....I have to admit I was skeptical of this at first, since sprinkles are normally associated with cupcakes, not muffins.  Turns out little Doodlebug might just be on to something cause it actually tasted awesome.  Now I don't know if I am ever going to want to eat muffins without sprinkles mixed in with the batter ever again.

After her TV shows were over and the muffins were gone Brook and Doodlebug went to the park while I stayed home and took a little nap.  When Doodlebug came back from the park Brook and I taught her how to play Cooking Mama on Wii...she loved it!

In other news I'm obsessed with "¡DOS!" by Green Day now.  I bought it Friday and I can't stop listening to it.  Once I get "¡TRE!"and the Green Day box set in December I'm going to do a post reviewing each album and letting you know my favorites from all of them.  I think that will be a good topic to go off of for a while.  I'll do a separate post for each album.  I believe their will be 12 whenever "¡TRE!" is released.  So keep a look out for those post that will be coming after Christmas.

A picture from my Instagram, I you don't already follow me on there, what are you waiting for go do it. @laurenmikael is my username, if you couldn't tell from the photo above. :)

After Doodlebug left Brook made homemade hot chocolate and we rented Katy Perry's: Part Of Me.  I really enjoyed it.  I guess you could say I have a new found respect for her now.  I mean I liked her before I watched it, but now I like her more as a person...not only as a musician.

After the movie was over Brook invited a friend I had never met before of and we all just talked for a while and ate french toast.  He was really awesome.

I would have to say today was great from start to finish.  Hope yours was just as good.


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