Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hey Lauren Got a Samsung Galaxy S3

Thursday I went to Best Buy and got a new phone.  Samsung Galaxy S3.  I wanted the red one, but they said that one is only available online so I got white instead.  At Best Buy they will buy your old phone from you.  My two year contract was up.  If your contract is up and you buy the phone straight from AT&T it will cost you $199.  At Best Buy it only cost $149.

I ended up only paying $25 for the Samsung Galaxy S3, since my old phone was in such good shape.   So I totally recommend that you buy your phones at Best Buy you can save a lot of money that way.  

Thursday felt a bit like Christmas.  I bought an iPad in January and bought a 2 year warranty for it.  Normally I don't buy warranties on anything, but I am really glad I did this time.  sometime during last week my iPad screen got shattered,  when I was at Best Buy Thursday they gave me a new iPad because my warranty was still good.  I am protecting this one with my life, because I don't have warranty on it.

I love the Samsung Galaxy S3.  I was getting bored with the iPhone.  Everbody has one...and I have an iPad and iPod Touch which are all basically the same, so I just wanted to try something different.  At first I was afraid I was going to miss my iPhone; but honestly I don't, and after having a Samsung Galaxy S3 I don't see why anyone would want an iPhone.

I love the camera on it.  I haven't taken many pictures with it yet, but I have played around with it a little.  I love all the different settings the camera has.

This is a picture of Eddie I took using my phone today.  I did change the colors of the photo with Instagram though.

I also love how if you have a song on your phone you can use it as a ringtone.  I bought "Hey Lauren" by Rookie Of The Year from iTunes using my iPhone earlier this year and since I use iCloud all the songs that were on my iPhone got transfered to my new Galaxy automatically. So now every time I get a call I hear this:

"Hey Lauren" by Rookie Of The Year (Official Music Video)

Which is very fitting for me to use as a ringtone seeing as my name Lauren and it says hey (as in hey you're phone is ringing...answer it.) it doesn't say that in the song but whatever.


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