Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Day With Doodlebug

Today Doodlebug came over because her mommy had to go to a meeting and then she and Kyle went to see Justin Moore play at Magic Springs.

We had a fun day...

We cuddled and watched Crossfade, Ryan Star and SafetySuit music videos on my iPad.  She loves watching "Jeremy" (SafetySuit) We have to watch their music video for "Stay" over and over again when she's here.
(Official Music Video):

I can't even count how many times I've seen this video, we've watched it pretty much everyday since 2010.

As much as I love SafetySuit, it does get a bit annoying to watch the same video so much, so I finally got her to start watching "Right Now" by Ryan Star.

(Official Music Video)

She loves to sing a long and dance like the cheerleaders.

Her favorite video lately has been "Prove You Wrong" by Crossfade.

(Official Music Video)

I have no problem with watching this a million times a day.  I've been a Crossfade fan since I was 14 (I'm 22 now) so I'm pretty sure it's Impossible for me to get tired of them.  

I have all of their albums on a shuffled repeat in my room 24/7. I can't sleep unless their on (well, unless I have a headache then I sleep with SafetySuit on.)  I can't stand complete silence, either the TV or music has to be on at all times.

Doodlebug loves the "silly cartoon guy" in this video.  She has recently really started liking Les.  She wants a light up guitar like his.  Every time it's his part in a video she gets really excited and says his name over and over.  She told me today  "I keep asking for a guitar like Les' and you still haven't got me one!" Silly girl.

I think we might just have ourselves a rockstar in the making.  Maybe she'll be the next Lizzy Hale (singer of Halestorm)

She also loves to watch Crossfade's "Killing Me Inside" because she likes the lights (and Les apparently) she told me this morning that I need to take her to see him because she wants to meet him, because she hasn't yet.  I told her I would love that and I will one day.  

(Official Music Video)

Oh and somehow she started talking about Joplin (the cat we had that died in December) and she said:

"When you die, I'm going to scream and call Jesus with Papa's phone and tell him to bring Lala back; because I love you"

It was so adorable, and almost made me cry.

After watching all of these videos a few times each we played with her new Barbie's.

Then Papa made Chicken nuggets and homemade waffles for dinner.  After dinner we watched her favorite show...Spongebob Squarepants.  She also likes Drake and Josh; and Good Luck Charlie.  When she got here this morning she showed me her pigtails and said "my hair is like Charlie's"...just as she does everytime her hair is in pigtails.

We watched these videos again, and then it was time for bed.  I love getting to spend all day with my baby girl, I hardly ever get the chance to do that anymore since she goes to preschool now.


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