Saturday, August 11, 2012

La La the Sock Monkey

Oops! It's been a few days.  Oh, well; I've still written more this month than I normally do.

Oh, and remember how I said The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus photo was my first wasn't I just didn't know at the time.  It was my second.

This was the first:

Mimi and Doodlebug walking around Little Rock on Mimi's birthday.  

If you have a Flickr and want to see if any of your photos have made it to Explore just go to this site 

So, remember the sock monkey? Well I decided I was going to start using it as a photo prop, since Doodlebug buried it at the bottom of her toy box and it had been there for year

I had it sitting on my bed in plain sight and she walks in my room and screams "MY SOCK MONKEY!" like she actually loved the thing.

Damn...there goes my photo prop.  I've always wanted a sock monkey but they can be a little expensive for a doll so I've never bought one.  To be honest I was happy she hated the thing (apparently not anymore) because that meant I got a free sock monkey.  

I meant to kind of hide it because I figured she would steal him from me; but she came home an hour earlier than she was supposed to and I hadn't had the chance yet.  

Anyway I've decided to buy this one:

(This is not my it from Google)

AAAAC-ZAlWwAAAAAAT0ZDA.jpg (300×300)

Her name is La La (That's what Doodlebug calls me)  and she's purple  (mine and Doodlebug's favorite color.)

So, basically, I have to get her, it's like she is begging to be owned by me.


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