Friday, August 3, 2012

It's Been a Pretty Good Day

August Break- Day 3:

I got to see my Doodlebug today, seems like I haven't gotten to see her much lately.  

We had a good time; that is until Mimi made her some Ovaltine and put it in a Dora the Explorer cup; which caused McKynley to have a complete and total meltdown.  (because she wanted to drink out of a sippy cup instead of a big girl cup.) She still doesn't understand that 4 year olds are too big for sippy cups.  I have never seen her throw a tantrum that big in my life...all because of a stupid little plastic cup.  

Today my sister and I went shopping.  We went to Belk and Target.  I had good luck today; at Belk I got $80 worth of clothes for $50.  

Then we went to the Starbucks inside of Target and ordered a Venti Cookie Crumble and they were out of Venti cups so they upgraded mine to a Trente, which is the biggest size they make.

I got a cute little purple purse made by Mossimo from Target for $12  I love Mossimo.  They have awesome colored shorts and jeans.

I also got an New York Color nail polish in the shade High Line Green. I love it   I don't have my own picture of it, but if you want to see a picture I found on Google click here


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