Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Today my photo inspired by "Face Down" by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus made it into Flickr Explore.

This was my first time to have a photo in Explore.  I was really happy and honestly shocked about it.  I've been a Flickr member since 2010 and had always wanted to be featured in Explore (cause I mean honestly...who wouldn't want to be?)

I guess it's kind of like waiting for water to boil.  If you stand there and watch it the entire time, it's going to take forever...I used to be sort of obsessed with trying to get my photos into Explore.  I would upload a photo and see that it got a lot of views/favorites/comments and think "Oh, that's totally going to be Explored." They never were.  I gave up on wanting it to happen and then out of no where it did.

The thing is, I always thought that the photo had to have a lot of views/comments or favorites to be considered for Explore, but this photo made it with only having around 30 views and 2 comments and maybe 1 favorite at the time when it was added into Explore.

So I guess it really does just have to be an interesting photo and views and whatnot don't really matter as much.  Yay!

"Cover up with makeup in the mirror, tell yourself it's never gonna happen again"

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