Sunday, June 3, 2012


Here's a list of random things I've been meaning to tell you....

Aranda opened for Saving Abel tonight and I couldn't be there.  This is the first time I've missed Aranda in years, so I'm pretty sad.  At least they weren't the headliners.

As you know (well probably) Crossfade is coming on June 19th...I'm so excited, you don't even know how happy am about happy that I don't even have words.

SafetySuit is coming back.

I can't go, because Crossfade is coming on that same night, so I'm really sad about that...cause Crossfade is basically my new version of SafetySuit (ie: the band I listen to at all times and love almost more than anything)

I've thought about this though and decided Crossfade would be the better choice, simply because Crossfade is going to be at Juanita's, and SafetySuit is gonna be at an outside venue with Mike Sanchez, Candlebox and Daughtry (so basically the same show I saw when I saw SafetySuit in March...except Candlebox) I LOVE Candlebox; but  I've seen them twice so not really a big deal.

It's probably going to be really crowded, and I probably wouldn't be able to see anyways, whereas seeing Crossfade at Juanita's...I'll be able to get my usual spot.

I went through some old photos:

 Doodlebug hunting Easter eggs; Easter 2010

 My 2nd cousin Braxton hunting Easter eggs; Easter 2011

Doodlebug's first real chance to play in snow; January 2011.

Two of the photos I took of James Durbin got turned into pins on Pintrest today (not by me) I thought that was pretty cool..

My School Boys released their first official music video.

"7 Minutes in Heaven" by School Boy Humor:

I recently learned that Leigh Kakaty (lead singer of Pop Evil) is also a rapper (Kakaty) I tried to find a YouTube video of one of his songs but I couldn't, so if you want to hear them go to Spotify and type in Kakaty, they have all his rap albums.

Well, that's all for this post.  Oh no is a self portrait I took today:


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