Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Nickelodeon is Stalking Me

So, I just watched this new show on Nick @ Nite called Hollywood Heights.  The main character's name is Loren and she is in love with this rockstar named Eddie.

 My name is Lauren (pronounced the same)

One of my favorite bands is Hawthorne Heights 

I love Eddie from Crossfade.

Loren's entire room is purple (walls, bedspread...pretty much everything)

My favorite color is purple.

Loren has a red Sony Vaio laptop

I have a pink Sony Vaio laptop

Loren paints her nails black.

Pretty much the only color I paint my nails is black.

I have a turquoise/silver lamp on my bedside table.

Loren has that same exact lamp on her bedside table.


All of that is just in the first episode (you can download the first 5 episodes on iTunes for free right now.)

I've watched two so far.  At the beginning of the second one Loren is at his show and he is holding her hand singing to her.

Eddie sang part of "Cold" to me... the part that goes "You are the antidote that gets me by, something strong like a drug that gets me high" then later during the show he held my hand...and it wasn't like most of the time when the artist kind of swipes the fan's was like full on holding, I literally remember thinking "is he ever going to let go of my hand?"

Anyway this show is blowing my mind, it's kinda freaking me out how close it is to my life.  Maybe Nickelodeon really is stalking me.  I'm waiting for episode 3 to finish downloading right now.  Hollywood Heights officially starts airing on the 20th 18th of this month.  Which is the day after  before I get to see Eddie again.  I'm so excited; I haven't seen Crossfade since August.

What I've seen so far of Hollywood Heights has been pretty good.  You should check it out if you get the chance.  It has it's sort of cheesy moments; but other than that I'm kind of digging it...maybe it's not cheesy to a pre-teen/teenager and it's just the fact that I'm a 22 year old and I'm watching a show aired on Nickelodeon.

"Cold" by Crossfade (Official Music Video)


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