Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thank You Camellia

So It's been a little while since I published a post.  I have been working on a few post though.  I'm almost done with my latest The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus show recap.  Just gotta add in a few more photos and it will be finished.  I just wanted to pop in here and publish a little something since I haven''t since the 9th...ugh it's the 22nd.  I need to get better at posting more frequently.

It's not that I don't want to post, I would love to, if you update often you will gain more readers, which is what I want.  It's just that I get easily side tracked and I have all these plans for how I want my day to go, which lately have been to post on here more often as well as on Flickr and my Facebook Photography fan page but they never happen the way I plan.  Other people always interfere with their own lives; wanting me to go somewhere with them or do something with/for them and by the time all that is done I'm not in the mood or am too tired to deal with writing and/or uploading and editing photos.

I always come up with ideas for blog post but hardly get the chance to post any of them before the topic is basically irrelevant.

I'm hoping to have the RJA post up within the next few days (possibly tomorrow) after that one is posted I'll start working on Hinder.

In other news:

I'm addicted to Spotify...if you're not already using it you need to check it out, it's amazing.  it's a program on your computer that is like a music database.  Basically any album/song you want to listen to they have and it's free to listen to in it's entirety. They do have a premium version (that is ad free) but it is $9.99 a month so in my opinion I think it's best to stay with the free version, because the ads don't happen that often and when they do they only last a few it not that big of a deal and I would rather listen to a short ad every once and a while then spend basically $10 just to save myself a few seconds.

I have known about Spotify for a few months, because of Twitter and Facebook but I never knew what it really was so I didn't pay much attention when people would mention it.  I just started using it 3 days ago.  I like it because it allows me to listen to an album before I buy it.  I mean iTunes gives you a little preview, which is good; but sometimes I buy songs/albums on there and they turn out being a waste of money because the only good part of the songs were in the short preview.

Which brings me to my next point:

Kris Allen released his a new album today Thank You Camellia you should definitely go check that out.  I listened to it on Spotify today.  It's really good.  I'm going to buy it soon. I knew it would be good. I love him and every album he has ever done...the self titled one and his Pre-Idol album Brand New Shoes. 

I have found that if you use Spotify and search an artist who just had a new album released the newest one doesn't show up among their other releases yet, so you have to type the name of the album instead of the artist.


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