Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"Now It's Time, Let's Start the Show"

I saw James Durbin on April 26th, he was my favorite contestant on season 10 of American Idol; so I was really excited about getting the chance to see him live.

I got to Juanita's an hour before doors opened.  I like the fact they let me in before doors open, but this time I got pretty bored and it was really cold in there.  I realized then that it's pretty much only fun to get there really early if Boom The Wheel is playing the show  (they weren't)  so I got kind of lonely.  I got my good spot though, that's really all that matters. 

I thought that since it was James Durbin there would be a ton of people there, given his success on American Idol, but to my suprise there weren't near as many people as I was expecting.  A lot of people stayed sitted at the tables during the show.  I remember him even saying something like: this was a rock show so they shouldn't even have tables. 

Two bands opened for him, but to be honest I thought they both sucked, plus I forgot both of their names, the first was a hardcore death metal screamo band...the lead singer reminded me a lot of Phil Evans from School Boy Humor.  The second was a band that played a lot of covers, BB King, even Tenacious D. I have only looked at my shots of James so far, I don't think I got any of the first two bands, but if I did I'll show them to you later.

Moving back to James....

He was awesome.  I gotta say though I'm not diggin' the bleached hair, I liked it better the way it was before.  It's his hair though so he can do whatever he wants with it.

I was really hoping he would sing "May" the song on his album written by SafetySuit's Doug Brown...but he didn't.  I was sad; it's one of my favorites, but I totally understand, that song is pretty much a downer and songs like that don't go over well during rock shows.  I wasn't the only one who wanted to hear it though...I remember hearing someone in the crowd screaming that he should play it.

"May" by James Durbin:

I took a lot of video:

"Stand Up"

"Right Behind You"

I don't know why this one is sideways, my phone does that to videos sometimes


"Love Me Bad"

"Love in Ruins"

"Higher Than Heaven"

I took video of one of my favorites, "Screaming" (Found out the other day that Ryan Star helped write wonder I love it so much...)but my phone has a mind of it's own and deleted it a few minutes after I recorded it.  A few more months and I'll be able to get rid of my crazy iPhone 4 and trade it in for a 4s, I can't wait. I'm going to have to go up to a 32GB, 16 GB is just not big enough...I am always running out of space.



Standing in a chair

Taking a break leaning up against the wall on stage

After the show I went to  meet James...I asked the lady that was working the merch table to take a picture of James and I.  I handed her my camera and like most people I hand my camera to, she didn't know how to work it.  After 3 tries the photo was taken.  I'm just going hand people my phone from now on and let them take the pictures with Instagram. 

Even though I always put my camera on automatic (settings and focus) everyone freaks out when they see my's a dSLR (Canon Rebel T1i) the size of it scares people, but the truth is it is exactly like a regular camera, it has all the standard buttons. No need to be scared or confused.  Drake Bell,(yes, from Nickelodeon's The Amanda Show and Drake & Josh), Natalia (of Boom The Wheel), my sister Heather and my cousin Brook are the only people so far who can flawlessly take a picture with my camera without having any guidance from me.

During the show I had set the camera to focus on a certain focal point and I had forgotten to change it back before giving it to the merch lady, so sadly I am the only one in focus.

Can't wait to go to another one of his shows, hopefully he'll come back pretty soon. 

Title of this post comes from "Stand Up" by James Durbin:

Official Music Video


PS: During the show James said he thought Skylar was gonna win, well apparently not cause she got voted off last week (not that I'm still favorite of the season is gone (Colton) Therefore I quit watching.   I do that every year, my favorite leaves and I'm done.

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