Monday, May 28, 2012

"More Than a Feeling..."

On May 11th I saw The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus at a venue in Little Rock that I had never been to before; Downtown Music.

As soon as I got there I saw a friend that I haven't seen since we graduated high school (in 2008.) He is a security guard there. I'm glad I got to see him.  I hardly ever get the chance to see people I went to school with anymore.

My friends belair. opened the show. I was excited to see had been a while (October.)  They had also opened for RJA last year when I saw them on May 2nd.  They did awesome.  The crowd loved them.

After belair. was Se7en Sharp, a local band that I saw for the first time in March when they opened for Aranda.    Granted I don't remember that show (that can be blamed on all of the 'special' cranberry juice that I had that night...haha oops!) So I was happy to really get the chance to see them this time.

Before they started their set, Phil (the lead singer) said he recognized me from the show with Aranda and gave me a Se7en Sharp shirt.

 They were awesome.  I know you're probably like: Yeah, yeah...she says that about every band she sees. I do say that about most of the bands I see, but it's not because I want to be nice and make sure I don't hurt anyone's feelings in case a member of the band sees the post I made about them.  Some bands do read my blog, they've told me.'s because they really are awesome, if they are not I will tell you.   Believe me I've seen my fair share of bands that suck; I just haven't gotten around to writing those post yet.

Back to Se7en Sharp...

Something about their music/the way Phil moves around on stage reminds me of Phillip Phillips from the current season 11 winner of American Idol.  All that and the fact that his name is Phil.  Which is cool, cause I love   Phillip Phillips.  Definitely going to see them as often as I can.

After Se7en Sharp it was time for Red Jumpsuit. RJA was the first band I ever liked (well, if you don't count all those childhood bands like *Nsync, Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys.) I love Ronnie's voice, it's so unlike anyone else's. It's always really exciting to see them, because they don't seem to come to Little Rock very often.

I took video of "Your Guardian Angel" and it actually turned out really well.  That's one of my favorite songs by them.

This was my 3rd time seeing them.  They always put on a great show and I really hope they come again soon.

After the show was over I went to the merch tables and talked to Wesley (singer of Belair) for a while and bought an RJA shirt.  Their merch girl is Ronnie's wife, she's really awesome, and so nice.  After getting merch I went outside to wait for my ride home.  That's when I got introduced to RJA's new drummer Timothy Ross.

Phil was outside too...talked to him for quite a while, he's pretty awesome.  Then a lady asked me if I had met RJA yet.  (you had to have V.I.P passes to meet this time.)  I told her that I didn't have a pass and she told me to follow her.  I don't know who she was, but I was very happy that she let me meet them.  It wasn't my first time though, I met them when I saw them last year..

Staci (Ronnie's wife) gave me The Hell or High Water EP when I was at the merch table, so I had them sign it.

Kat (photographer for 100.3 The Edge) took a photo of Ronnie and I.  I also asked her to take a photo with my camera, because it takes a few days before photos are uploaded to The Edge's website.

Kat's camera:

My camera:

The tattoo on his arm is Mark 8:36:

For what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul?

Mark 8:36 inspired The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus' song "Reap" off of their latest album Am I The Enemy

Ronnie asked if I went to a lot of shows and of course as you all know the answer was: Yes, all the time.

He said he likes going to shows too and asked what my favorite bands were: Crossfade, Pop Evil and, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (and no, I wasn't just saying that because that's his's true they are one of my favorites)

Then he asked my which RJA songs are my favorite: I said I couldn't really pick cause I love them all (he said that was a good answer...haha) but then I started naming off a few: "Your Guardian Angel", "Cat and Mouse", "Damn Regret", "False Pretense" and "Face Down" which he said were all good ones.

I'm always curious to see who my favorite artist like to listen to so I asked him who his favorite bands/artist were: Pink Floyd, Boston, Peter Gabriel

I said I had heard of all of those, but I couldn't tell you what any of their songs were.  He was shocked at this and asked how old I was: 22.

Then he sang a line from "More Than Feeling" by Boston.  After that I immediately knew who he was talking about. 

He also sang a line from a song by one of the other artist that he had mentioned, but I don't know who/what it was...because at the same time someone else beside us started talking pretty loud and I couldn't hear Ronnie.

So I guess you could say I got sang to by Ronnie Winter, which I thought was awesome.  He's a really nice guy...

Ronnie Winter:

Josh Burke

Josh joined RJA last year.  He is 18 years old.  It's a pretty cool story how he became the lead guitarist for The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus:

He was/still is a big RJA fan. He went to a show, arrived during sound check. Ronnie needed to get new strings before the show and asked Josh where the nearest guitar shop was.  Josh and his family gave Ronnie a ride to Guitar Center.  While they were there Josh picked up a guitar and started playing.  Ronnie liked what he heard and now Josh is RJA's lead guitarist.

Believe me Josh is a great guitarist, probably one of the best I've heard.  I think it is awesome how his life was changed just by showing up early to a show...

I always arrive early to shows, mostly because if I get there early I'm the first person there so the staff at Juanita's/or whatever venue the show is at let me in and  I don't have to wait outside for the doors to open, which means I can secure my spot in front row, but also because the bands are setting up the stage at this time and you never know what could happen.

I mean I doubt Josh woke up on that September 19th morning saying to himself "Hey I'm gonna go see RJA tonight and I'm going to become their lead guitarist"

 ...but that's what happened and that's all because he got to a show early (well that and the fact that he is a kick ass guitarist.)

belair. photos:


Se7en Sharp photos:

Phil Houston:

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