Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hello My Name is laurenmikael and I am an Instagram Addict

Ok so I still haven't gotten the chance to publish my post about James Durbin, it'll happen. I was going to finish it today but my sister and I went grocery shopping/picked Doodlebug up from her Nana today and I didn't have time.

 Technically I guess I could do it now...but I'm lazy so I'm not going to.  Ha!  Be on the lookout for it tomorrow though.

Remember the Twitter addiction? Yeah this is sorta like that only this time it's with Instagram.  You probably already know what it is, but I'm going to explain it anyway.  It is a free photo app.  I don't know if it is on Android. Probably.  Anyway, you can take a photo with your phone and then change it to look, brighter, lighter, black and white and a lot of other cool settings.

I have only taken three photos so far, but I'm addicted.  It's not so much that I'm addicted to it in the "I'm gonna take a million pictures a day and annoy the hell out of my followers"'s more of an "I wanna look at everyone else's photos/see if I got any likes or comments on my photos/did I get any new followers?" way.

Instagram is kind of Twitter and Facebook combined in my opinion:

  • You can like and/or comment on a photo as you would on Facebook
  • You can follow people and have followers like you would on Twitter
  • It's kinda like Twitter in the fact that you constantly feel that you need to tell/show people useless stuff that is going on in your day (and you do that by) snapping a quick creative photo
  • It's also like Twitter because you can choose to leave a small description under the picture (which kinda somehow reminds me of tweets because of the Twitter 140 character limit)
I changed my Blogger profile picture today...It's a photo I took on Instagram.  Which brings me to a new point: 

  • My School Boy Humor shirt is apparently my photogenic shirt; every picture taken of me wearing that shirt turns out well and gets a lot of likes/comments on Facebook.  Maybe I just need to wear it all the time. 
You can follow me on Istagram if you want my user name is laurenmikael 

Cause like I said earlier in this post I love new followers, also while we're at it if you not following this blog you totally should cause I love any kind of new follower; whether it be on my blog, Twitter, or Instagam.  

My Twitter is @laurenmikael

Wow bet you couldn't have guessed that huh? Haha!

Feel free to "like" my photography page since we're talking about all of this following stuff and what not click here


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