Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'll Miss You Guitar Slinger!

So, in my last post I told you about my trip to see Pop Evil in Fayetteville.  In that post I mentioned how one of the guitarist (Tony Greve) was my favorite, five days later I get on Facebook and the first thing I see is this...

I am heartbroken...I'm not just saying that, I'm completely serious.  I cried for two days.  

Now, normally a member can leave a band that I am a fan of and honestly I don't really care.  For instance, a few months ago Mark Castillo (drummer) left Crossfade and I just thought "oh, that's sad" and went on with my life. No big deal.  

Totally different situation with Tony.  I love Pop Evil, but most of that is/was because of Tony.  He was the first member of Pop Evil I ever met. Now when I go see them live it's going to be sad...I was always on his side of the stage and he would smile and make silly faces at me during the show.  It won't be the same without him.

I'm gonna miss him... 

Especially if they play "Purple" I'm probably gonna cry.  He would always play with his hair during that one.  He wrote it, it's a really good song.  One of my Pop Evil favorites:

My first Pop Evil show, when I saw them with Crossfade on June 10th 2011:

My second Pop Evil show, October 18th 2011:

My last time to see Pop Evil with Tony, March 1st 2012:

I almost didn't go to the show in March...I'm glad I got the chance.  What's sad is I left that show without saying bye to him, because he was talking to a lady and I didn't want to interrupt, now I wish I would have.  I remember being asked if it was okay to go ahead and leave by my mom, then she said "You'll probably see him/them in a few weeks anyways..."  No I won't. Sad.

Maybe someday (soon hopefully) he'll join another band.

On the bright side, I found out today that Crossfade is coming back to Juanita's on June 19th.  I am so excited.  Now if only June would hurry up and get here.


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