Sunday, April 1, 2012

Everybody Always Steals My Tony Time

On March 1st my family and I went on a little road trip to Fayetteville, Arkansas (about 4 hours away.) Pop Evil was playing at George's Majestic...basically Fayetteville's version of Juanita's.  My 22nd birthday was on February 20th, when my family asked what I wanted, I told them I wanted to see Pop Evil.
They had a show 3 days after my birthday at a casino in Oklahoma,  I had originally wanted to go to both the show in Oklahoma and the one in Fayetteville, but we didn't end up getting to go the one in Oklahoma.  At least I got to see them at George's Majestic.  

My niece McKynley's other grandparents live in Fayetteville, so when we got there we dropped her off to spend the night with them.  Then we went to Nibbles also called JD's Steakhouse (McKynley's Grandpa owns the bar there) to eat before the show.  We had never been there so I was excited to see Tony's bar (both of her grandpa's are named Tony.)

The food was delicious...I had Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo.  After we ate it was time to head over to George's.      

By the time we got there the doors had already been open for a few minutes...which I was not very happy about (you know how I am; front row or don't go) I was still in the front row, just not front row center; oh well.

The show was opened by a band from Arizona called Man Made Machine.

"Victim" by Man Made Machine:

I think they are really awesome and if I ever get the chance to see them again, I'm definitely not gonna pass it up.

Their debut album "Become" is available on iTunes.

Joe Cotela:

Steve Siminski:

 Justyn Sena:

Marc Hernandez:

An acoustic radio performance of "Victim":

After Man Made Machine was Otherwise, a band from Las Vegas, Nevada.

If you listen to rock radio stations chances are you have probably heard their song "Soldiers"

"Soldiers" Official Music Video:

Honestly...I don't know that much more about them, but if you like what you hear...check them out on iTunes.

Unfortunately, my blog says I'm out space for photos...I'm gonna have to purchase more.  Wish I would have known that I was running out of space before I bought this domain for a year (I just bought it on Wednesday) , I would have just moved my blog to another site before buying one if I would have known.

Once I buy more space and/or add the Otherwise photos to my Facebook page I'll show them to you.

Next it was time for Pop Evil.  They are one of my favorite bands to see live...I would go to a Pop Evil show every night if I could.  I just love them so much!

I love going to shows and seeing bands whose songs I know every word of, which is the case when I see Pop Evil.

It was an amazing show and totally worth the four hour trip it took to get there.  I would do it all over again (and will if I get the chance.)

I don't just love Pop Evil as musicians, I love them as people too.  They are so nice and fun to be around.  I love all them...I do, but I've only officially met Leigh, Tony and Matt.  I have to say of those 3 Tony is my favorite...and not just cause he has a purple streak in his hair (I miss my purple hair, sad) I don't know what it is, but there is just something so awesome about him.

After the show he came over to me and we talked for a little while.  I mentioned this being my third time to see them and he said "I know, I remember your pretty face." :) Every time I talk to Tony we always get interrupted.

Some random guy came up and wanted a picture with him.  The guy turned to me and said "Hey she can take the picture!" I said I would...but then he ended up handing his phone to someone else...Tony and I looked at each other confused.

 After the random guy left Tony squeezed my shoulder and told me to stick around for a while and then we could talk.  Then he left to meet other fans.   Leigh came up to me and gave me a hug, thanked me for coming, he grabbed a poster off the merch table; signed it, passed it around for the other members to sign then gave it to me.

Soon after this my family came inside the venue and said they were ready to leave.  I wasn't cause I still hadn't really had a chance to talk to Tony.  We looked around the venue to try to find him. (It was pretty dark in there...they didn't turn the lights on after the show, like they do at Juanita's.)

We found him at a table, talking with a lady.  we were behind him.  They had been talking for a really long time.  I didn't want to interrupt them, because I hate when that happens to we just ended up leaving.

I can't believe it has been a month already.

I hope they come back soon...hopefully then no one will steal my Tony time, someone probably will though; since it's happened at the last two Pop Evil shows that I've been to.

"Monster You Made" by Pop Evil:

To see my pictures of Pop Evil from this show click here (feel free to give the page a 'like' while you're at it.)


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