Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"Brown Hair Makes Her Lips More Red"

I took a lot of pictures today.  I'll show them all to you within the next few days.  One of them was a self portrait.  The wind blew my hair in my face.

It was inspired by "Colors" by Barcelona.

"Brown hair makes her lips more red"

My hair is actually dyed black right now, but in this photo it looks brown

This is the original version of "Colors" that was released in 2007.  In 2009 they officially released their album "Absolutes" but changed/remixed"Colors"  To be honest I like the original a lot better.  It's more exciting in my opinion.

Their album is on iTunes,  but it has the newer remixed version of "Colors" on it.

I'm seeing James Durbin (from season 10 of American Idol) tomorrow night.  He and Colton Dixon were my favorites that season.  I was so glad that Colton was on AI again this season.  I am sad and shocked that he got voted off last week, but in a way I am happy that he did, since he's not on the show anymore he can now start working on an album. I can't wait for him to make his own album and go on a tour of his own.  I want to see him live so bad.

As you can probably tell from the photo most of my eyelashes are missing.  My eyebrows are too; which is why I made sure not to get them in the photo. Unfortunately I haven't had a complete set of eyelashes or eyebrows yet this year, hopefully that will change soon.  Stupid Trichotillomania.


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