Monday, March 19, 2012

They're On A Boat!

My family is on a week long cruise going to Mexico.  I don't like the idea of cruises...spending a large sum of money to sit on an over sized boat and drink does not sound fun to me.  I saw Titanic, I didn't like the way it turned out.  So I'm not getting on a ship.  I can drink at my house, and I can go to the lake and ride in a fishing boat for a lot cheaper than they can go on a cruise.

My family is addicted to going on cruises. As soon as they get back home from one they start talking of planning another one.  I totally get it though...because that's the exact same way I feel about shows; as soon as one is over I can't wait to go to another one...and if I haven't been to one in a while I start craving one.  I love shows, because it's like bringing your iPod to life.

They always try to convince me to go with them, but I refuse.  I told them the only way I ever would go is if it was a music cruise (ie: VH1's Best Cruise Ever; or ShipRocked.) If Crossfade, Pop Evil or Aranda are ever a part of ShipRocked I'm totally excuses.    SafetySuit has been part of VH1's Best Cruise Ever two years in a row and last year it was SafetySuit, Ryan Star...and Thriving Ivory and if you come to this blog often then you know how much I love all 3 of those artist, sadly I never got to go on either of those.  One day.

Music cruises are way more expensive than regular cruises, and are only four days instead of my family isn't too big on the idea of a music cruise; one day I will convince them, it'll be everything they love and everything I love all in one, sounds good to me.

Speaking of Aranda I'm going to see them with my cousin Brook this Friday at Juanita's for their album release show.  I'm so excited; this will only be my second time to see them as headliners, but my fifth time over all.

I'll probably be pretty bored this week, so I'm going to try and blog everyday.

My sister called me right before the ship left, my iPod was on shuffle at the time and "I'm On A Boat" by The Lonely Island (Featuring T-Pain) came on right after we hung up, I thought that was pretty ironic because I have over 2,000 songs on my iPod and that one never comes up on shuffle.

"I'm On A Boat" by The Lonely Island featuring T-Pain:

I like this song, it's funny but if you can't handle the word motherfucker you might not want to watch/listen to this, although you have probably already heard this song, it was pretty popular for a while not too long ago.


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