Friday, March 30, 2012

"Take Me Back To Yesterday Wednesday"

Wednesday night was awesome.

We (my sister Heather and I) got to the Robinson Center Music Hall and they told us that we had to change our seats because the tickets we had were not in a handicap accessible spot.  We were originally supposed to be in row K...they moved us up to row G. We went from row 11 to row 7.  I thought that was cool; still wish I could have been closer though...I'm not used to not being in the front row.

The three seats in front of me were empty when we got to our spot.  I was very happy about this, I was hoping that no one was going to take those seats.  As more and more people came in to get in their seats I was watching them all closely...praying they wouldn't get in front of me.

No one did.

Mike Sanchez opened the concert.  (ugh, I hate concerts, shows are where it's at.)

Mike was very good, he actually reminded me of a mix between Daughtry, Matt Nathanson, and maybe a little bit of Jack Johnson.  I had never heard of him until then.  I liked him a lot, seems as if he is a very nice guy; I don't know, sadly I didn't get to meet him.  He has an EP on iTunes entitled "Grove & Third Sessions" If I were you I would definitely check it out.  I haven't had the chance to buy it yet...but I'm going to, soon!

"Stuck in the Middle" by Mike Sanchez (live)  

This is not my video, I found it on belongs to daughtrygirl06:

"Midnight Getaway"  (live) this also belongs to daughtrygirl06:

"Banana Pancakes" by Jack Johnson:

"Come On Get Higher" by Matt Nathanson:

After Mike was SafetySuit.  I was so excited, finally after almost 3 years I was getting the chance to see them again.  After living vicariously through many of my friends (who I made through SafetySuit) tweets, pictures, videos and blogs for was my turn now.

It was so amazing, I don't even think that I really have words for how great it was...

At some point during Mike Sanchez's set three boys came and sat in the seats in front of me.  Luckily they didn't stand up for SafetySuit, no one else really did either..(at least not on my side of the room) except for this one girl who was on the left of me and one row ahead. This made me sad for SafetySuit's sake, but I was happy for me because this meant I could see them perfectly.  

The whole set seemed as if it was only me and the girl to my left that were into it, we both sang a long to everything and got really excited during every song, when most people only got excited for "Stay" during which Doug came out into the audience; ran up and down the aisles and took pictures with fans.  (While still singing perfectly.) 

These guys are so awesome live, the energy and passion they have is amazing.  If you haven't seen them live you must do it.  They are so great.    The did a rendition of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" and it was so intense...I think I almost cried.  Doug (lead singer) was just so into it.  it was fantastic.  I am so mad, I tried to get it on video, but my phone didn't have enough memory to record...even after deleting a bunch of stuff in preparation for that very moment.

I found this one on YouTube from February 12th in New Orleans, it belongs to gingerp14

This one doesn't seems as intense as it was in Little Rock on Wednesday, but it's still awesome:

Before they sang "Hallelujah" I did manage to get video of "These Times" not the entire song, but almost.

I love this song so much. Every time I watch the music video I cry.  I've been meaning to blog about the video but haven't yet. (Well, until now.) 

SafetySuit wanted their fans to be part of the video so they tweeted asking fans to make a video of themselves holding a poster that has something written on it that they struggle with...and on the other side of the poster they were to write the words 'they will pass' at the end of the song everyone flips their poster over.  It's really awesome.  Check it out:


Doug during "Hallelujah"

 The drummer is Tate, I didn't get any photos of just him.



Unfortunately at some point during the night SafetySuit's set came to an end.

Then Daughtry began; and well if you watched American Idol when Chris was on it, that's exactly what you get when you see Daughtry live.  He sounds just as he did then.  I always forget how big of a Daughtry fan I really am, until I see them live.  This was my third time. 

 They were great.  For most of Daughtry's set I couldn't see much...until they did slow songs and it was just Chris on stage, everyone sat down for those.  I wasn't upset about not being able to see them the whole time. (I would have been if it would have been SafetySuit though.)  


Josh Paul "JP":

Josh Steely:

We left to find SafetySuit right before Daughtry started their last song, so we wouldn't have to get stuck in a crowd and have to wait forever before getting to talk to them. 

There were a few steps leading down to where SafteySuit was.  I wasn't gonna let that get in my way, I was gonna get to them somehow, I guess we could have just had them come up there to me..but Chico (their tour manager) said with help from Andres Martinez (their photographer, check him out over at Studio Rigby Photography, he is awesome!) he could carry my chair down the they did.  

At first I'm pretty sure SafetySuit didn't remember me; seeing as Doug asked me my name and they all started introducing themselves to me as if we'd never met.  It was a little awkward for me and to be honest it made me sad... because back before they all deleted their personal Twitter's and switched to just using the SafetySuit one we would tweet each other all the time.  (Twitter was much more fun when they had personal accounts, I wish they would bring them back.)  but then I said something about how it was great to see them again, and then I think it clicked for them, cause Doug (I think it was Doug anyway, I can't really remember who said it) said "oh yeah, at Juanita's!" 

I told them they need to come to Little Rock more often cause everyone else I know gets to see them all the time and I didn't think that was fair.  I think they've only been here 3, maybe 4 times.  (this was my 2nd time to see them.)  They said they'd be back, next time at a better venue.  

I gave Chico my camera and he took a picture of us:

Before we left Chico saw a guitar pick in my hand; I explained that it was Josh Steely's (Heather found it on the floor after he threw it towards us.)  Chico pulled one of Dave's picks out of his pocket and gave it to me.

It was a really fun night.  I'm glad I got to see SafetySuit again...hopefully it won't take them so long to come back next time. I miss them already!

I'm sure I'll be seeing Daughtry again too, they always seem to bring great bands on tour with them.  Also I hope I get the chance to see Mike Sanchez again sometime.

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Title of this post comes from "Get Around This" by SafetySuit:


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