Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hey Lauren, It's Just A School Boy Night

Haven't written in a while...oops! I've got some exciting stuff to tell/show you though.  Saw my friends School Boy Humor on Friday night...that was A LOT of fun! Rookie Of The Year opened the show.  I've heard of them before, but hadn't listened to their music until that night.  They are really good. I love Ryan Dunson's voice. I will most definitely be seeing him and/or them again...hopefully soon.

"Hey Lauren" by: Rookie Of The Year

(Official Music Video)

After the show we (my sister and I) found out about the song "Hey Lauren" Ryan sang it to me with a little help from Phil (lead singer of School Boy Humor) and our friend Matt.  (Matt is basically School Boy's merch guy.)  I recorded it, but my phone ran out of memory so sadly it didn't record the whole thing. 

This was School Boy Humor's first time to play at the new Juanita's.  It was awesome.  They put on a great show (as always!)


I don'tt know why, but for some reason I really like this one, even though you can't really see his face.

I didn't worry about photos as much as I normally do when I go to shows...I've seen them so many times, it doesn't seem important anymore... since I already have so many photos of them.  I just wanted to enjoy the show.  I didn't get any good shots of Anthony; seems like I never do...he moves too much.

After the show we went to Phil and Anthony's house for a while. (okay, so really it was like noon the next day when we left, but whatever. Haha!) I know what you're probably thinking...and no, it was not like dirty, dirty people! :)


Great show, good times...can't wait for the next time I get to see them.

Title of this post comes from "Hey Lauren" by Rookie Of The Year...and from a line in a School Boy Humor song called "Don't Be Scared" (Just a Kick and a Snare) but sadly you can't listen to that one, because I can't find it anywhere.
So enjoy their  new-ish song"Sex and Rock 'N Roll" instead:

You can find both Rookie Of The Year and School Boy Humor on iTunes/Facebook/Twitter.