Wednesday, January 4, 2012

These Times

365 days, 156 blog post and 15 2011 is over.  It was a pretty awesome year.

I saw a lot of my favorite bands, rediscovered my love for a band from my past;(Crossfade) even found a few new ones.  

2012 didn't start out very well for me.  Trichotillomania got it's way with me in the early hours of New Years.  Now I have about 5 eyelashes remaining on my left looks ridiculous.  Which brings me to my next point, the first photo in my 2012  inspired by song lyrics 52 weeks project  is "Annie" by SafetySuit:

"She never looked in the mirror
she never liked what she would see"

I can't stand looking in the mirror when my eyelashes and/or eyebrows are missing.  So not only is week one's photo relevant to that fact, but also SafetySuit released their sophomore album "These Times" yesterday.  iTunes has the album for $6.99 and has listed the track "These Times" off of  the album as the single of the week...which means you can download it for free.

The new album is awesome.  I love every song on it.  New album and new year mean new tour...hopefully they'll finally come back to Little Rock this year, they haven't been here since November 11, 2009.  That was way too long ago.


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