Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Stop The World

Ok, so once again I broke a promise.  In my last post I told you I was going to write the blog post about Drake Bell that night and post it the next morning.  That didn't happen.  I didn't write it that night...instead I got sucked into watching The Big Bang Theory.  Sorry.  It's just that show is so good.  As for all the other days that I didn't post the blog.

  1. I'm lazy
  2. I let my sister borrow my computer so she could do her homework and she kept it for a few day.
I will write it...eventually.

Moving on...
Aranda released their 2nd album today. "Stop The World" It's on iTunes now. Physical copies won't be in stores until February 14th. 

Between seeing their live shows and watching performances on YouTube, there wasn't really a song on the album that I hadn't heard yet.  I was really excited to finally be able to hear the songs the way they were recorded...and to be able to listen to them whenever I want instead of just being able to hear them at Aranda shows.

"Undone" The first single off of the new record. 

    Head over to iTunes and check out "Stop The World" you won't regret it.  I love all 10 songs but my favorites are: "Love Hitchhiker", "Hey Sally", "Satisfied" and "Undone" 
    They also have a self-titled album that was released in 2008.  Although I recommend the deluxe edition that was released in 2009.  It includes 3 live tracks.
    Dameon Aranda
    Gabe Aranda
    Both photos are from when I saw them with Crossfade in August.

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