Sunday, January 1, 2012

324-365 : It's Over

Happy New Year!

Day 324:

Mom's homemade deviled eggs

Day 325:

Day 326:

Day 327:

Day 328:

My cousins Cara and Brook on Thanksgiving.

Day 329:

Wal-Mart's Christmas tree.

Day 330:

Day 331:

We decorated Christmas sugar cookies...Heather's was an ornament.

Day 332:

Bird in a parking lot.

Day 333:

Day 334:

Inspired by "Traffic Light" by Daughtry.

"The traffic lights waits for you to tell me the tale of a shattered life."

Day 335:

Day 336:

Day 337:

Milk and cookies.

Day 338:

Grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup.

Day 339:

Doodlebug loves hot chocolate.

Day 340:

Day 341:

McKynley's rocking chair.  It was my Grandpa Bill's (he died before I  born.) He passed it down to my two uncle's and my dad.  Dad passed it to Heather, then it was it is Doodlebug's.  

Day 342:


Day 344:

Our Christmas tree.

Day 345:

My senior hoodie. Every student in the class of 2008's signature is inside of the '08.

Day 346:

Day 347:

Leather chair.

Day 348:

Fresh laid eggs.

Day 349:

Doodlebug wrapped in Christmas lights.

Day 350:

Uncle Bruce and Aunt Nancy( the family of ours that live in Texas) sent McKynley a Dora the Explorer microphone for Chrisrmas.  Future rockstar.

Day 351:

This is a sign in my hometown, I had been wanting to photograph it since the beginning of my 365 and finally had the time. Catherine's was the best restaurant in town.  Sadly it closed down when I was probably around 7 years old.

Day 352:

Phil Evans of School Boy Humor.

Day 353:

Subway is open.

Day 354:

Day 355:

Day 356:

Day 357:

Day 358:

Day 359:

Doodlebug got a Fijit Friend for Christmas.

Day 360:


Day 361:

My Papa.

Day 362:

Day 363:

Day 364:

My sister Heather.

Day 365:

Spree flavored candy canes.

I'm done! :) 2011 was a great year honestly one of my favorite yet, I hope that 2012 is even better.


PS: I think my theme for 2012's 52 weeks is going to be photos inspired by song lyrics.  I think that will be fun.

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