Monday, December 26, 2011

SBH and Possibly 52 Weeks?

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas.  This year was one of the best Christmas' I've had.  We actually had to celebrate it on Christmas Eve, because my mom had to work on Christmas.  So actual Christmas pretty  much just felt like any other day for me.    It's hard to believe that 2011 is almost over.   Which means my 365 project is almost done.  I know I need to catch  you guys up on that.  I'll try my best to do that tomorrow.

I probably won't ever do a 365 again...It wasn't all that easy.  I am still really glad I have done it though; It'll be nice to look back on and see how fast McKynley has grown over the year.  I am thinking of doing a 52 week project in 2012. I can't decide.  (A picture every week, instead of everyday.) As a way to kind of ween myself off of 365.  Also as an excuse to still use my camera often;  if not then  I am afraid I would let it sit in my camera bag and never use it anymore...which would then probably result in me forgetting all of the things that I learned about photography/my camera during this 365.

52 weeks sounds a lot easier, because there have been quite a few days this year where I wasn't really feelin' the whole picture a day thing and just wanted to skip days due to not feeling well, not having an idea of what to photograph, or just simply being too lazy to take a photo. With 52 weeks if I feel like skipping I still have 6 other days for the chance to get a photo in.  Sounds good to me.

I saw my friends School Boy Humor last week, when they came home to Arkansas to do a show in Little Rock.  I'll tell you about it in the next day or two.  That's one thing I want to be better about in 2012...blogging about the shows I go to, which was the whole reason I created this blog in the first place; but then 365 seemed to take over.  Which I feel kind of ruined Rockstars and Randomness, seeing as there have hardly been any rockstars present in my post since this project started.

  That and the fact that every time I turned around I had another show to go to, which as a show-goer I loved, but as a blogger it made it hard to find the time to write about the shows I was attending.

Since I don't like posting entries on my blog that don't include pictures here is a picture of  Phil from the SBH show last week:

You can find School Boy Humor's music on iTunes:  A self-titled album, 2 EP's (one of which including a cover of Colbie Callet's "Realize") and 3 new singles; "7 Minutes in Heaven", "Sex & Rock 'N Roll" and "Nobody"


"7 Minutes in Heaven"

"Sex and Rock 'N Roll":

An acoustic version of "Nobody":


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