Sunday, December 4, 2011

307-323: Matte About You

Day 307:

Day 308:

Day 309:

Day 310:

Day 311:

Day 312:

Day 313:

Day 314:

Eddie doesn't like bath time.

Day 315:

Day 316:

Day 317:

Heather fixing her nail polish with a Q-tip.

Day 318:

My cousin Cara

Day 319:

Day 320:

I've never really been a scarf person, but recently I've decided to give them a try.  I got this one a Target a few days ago.

Day 321:

Joplin on the windowsill.

Day 322:

Day 323:

Heather recently ordered this matte polish top coat from Amazon.  It's made by Essie, it's called Matte About You.  You put it on top of any nail poish color you want and it will make the color not be shiny.  It makes them look really cool.  Heather found out about it on Pintrest. (She and my mom are addicted to Pintrest...I have an account, but I'm not much of a fan.) 

We couldn't find Matte About You in any of the stores we go to so if you want some, I would suggest just ordering on online.  I love it.  I think I'm going to have to get myself a bottle.


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