Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's Not So Bad, Everybody Likes Rockstar Kisses, Right?

So I have a good excuse as to why I haven't posted in a few days...yep, I broke my promise; I know.  I'm really good at that unfortunately.  I woke up the next today sick and spent 22 of the 24 hour day in bed; I had tickets to see Pop Evil the next day and refused to miss them, I had to make sure and sleep off my sickness. 

It worked, the next night I was at Juanita's feeling perfectly fine.

 A few months ago, I think it was at the end of June,  Juanita's moved to a new location.  I was very upset about this when I found out they were moving. I didn't want a new one, I liked the original one just fine.  They'd been in that spot for at least 12 years...maybe more; I'm not sure.  I had been to tons of shows there, made a lot of new friends and great memories, discovered some bands there that I now consider to be my favorites.

The new Juanita's is bigger, which is a good thing.  The resturant is downstairs (well techinically I guess you could kinda call it underground if you wanted to.  They have an elevator now  I've only been down to that part once.  To be honest their food isn't very good  scratch's straight up nasty.  Well, they do have good salsa and white cheese dip, I'll give them that.  If you must order from there I would suggest the fried mini burritos. (Think Chili's southwestern egg rolls.)

The stage is way too high.  Everyone I've talked to prefers the original Juanita's over the new one.  JT Woodruff of Hawthorne Heights told me after the show last month that he didn't like the new one and that he felt awkward on the stage since it is so tall.

  Another thing I hate is that they use barricades in front of the stage now, they never used them before.  At the old one you could be right up against the stage if you wanted to.  That stage was so low that it only came to my knees....and I sit down all the time. 

 It doesn't make any sense to me why they would use barricades (for the artist protection probably) but now that the stage is so high, someone would have to work hard to jump up on that stage to get to the artist, whereas at the old one someone could easily get up on stage without putting forth any effort.  Therefore,  barricades should have been used back then and not now.  Plus the barricades themselves are almost the same height as the stage, to the point where I almost can't even see over them. 

However there are a few things I do like better about the new location:

They let me in before doors open. ..they never used to do that.  Which means I'm in there about an hour before everyone else.  Usually bands are doing soundcheck during this time, I like that I get to see that.  Plus the fact that no one can ever take my spot up front again...I get first dibs since I get in so early. 

Oh and then there's that whole always getting kisses from the lead singers after the show thing...that never happened at the old Juanita' yeah, disreguard all the bad stuff I said about this one; new Juanita's for the win!

Ed Sloan (lead singer of Crossfade)
 After the Pop Evil show on Tuesday, Leigh Kakaty (lead singer) kissed me on the forehead before I left.


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